I have a friend in the audience tonight, he’s called Bradley…”

ChisenhallAL: Thank u @Harry_Styles for making this all happen for me & @Christinekozlo & also making my sisters @Shelbymmorgann nite

If you’d waited I was gonna get you up on stage! You ruined it!

Anonymous: is it true that Louis is depressed? :(

yes, he realized his girlfriend is out of his league

Anonymous: how is uni btw?

good, a bit scary, i get lost a lot, but good :) thanks for asking

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sorry im not on much, i’ve just been sooo busy with uni and all, i need some time to settle in and all!

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Niall talking about “FOUR” with Radio Disney

@morgancoonce: when harry threw something at us :////

11/? favourite pictures of Niall